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The time I was proud of myself

Welcome back to my very unorganised blog! This weeks post is about... you guessed it... Back To School : Ivy Version. [Before I go into the actual post, I just want to warn readers that I will at some point discuss mental health, so if your are uncomfortable ,feel free to click away on another… Continue reading The time I was proud of myself

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The unconventional hello of a 15 year old

Welcome to my blog, Sun and Moon Cocoon Ivy. This blog was inspired by my sudden love for the lifetime of a butterfly, the blinding brightness of my personality and my lifelong fascination with fashion. If you just so happen to have found my blog, first of all thank you and I hope you stick… Continue reading The unconventional hello of a 15 year old


Daily Sunset 180925

Welcome back to my daily blog! Today I'll be taking you to the start of something interesting... so stay on this post if you like surprises. Tuesday posts are now surprise posts (I spontaneously made that decision) , so make sure to click  follow after you've read this blog to be notified whenever I post!… Continue reading Daily Sunset 180925

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Daily Sunset 180924

Welcome back to my second daily post! Today is Monday meaning that I'll be sharing my monthly/weekly goals and I'll be posting an extra special blog today ,so look out for it and follow me! October Goals: Write three more songs and poems. Read and study the bible about being a helper Do something special… Continue reading Daily Sunset 180924

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Daily Sunset:180923

Welcome back to my blog! Today is the first day of my daily blogging and I thought about making this an interesting way to keep up with my lifestyle rather than though instagram stories or tweets (my details are at the bottom,so give a follow if you like). It's finally Sunday, meaning the end to… Continue reading Daily Sunset:180923

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Behind the blogger 2018

Welcome bag to my wonderfully random blog! This week I am finally making a fun and interesting blog for you and I'm going to be telling you 7 spontaneous facts about me ! Get ready to see my first behind the blogger post (she's a bit of a wild one)… I was (still pretty much… Continue reading Behind the blogger 2018